Gods Gone Wild

A Single Ray of Sunlight Remains

I wasn't there to bury my late husband.  He had much more time left.  Even for a human, he could have been a wonderful father and husband to us both.  Later, I had to bury my late wife. I shouldn't have to bury a wife of elven heritage.  My time should be over.

So much is broken now.  I don't understand this change in the flow of my life force.  No one really does… except the Creature of the Sky… The one that turned the world of the Gods upside down.  And perhaps the one still listening.

For so long, the prayers of my family and old friends, before the day I first left Elendril to rescue Miranda, we prayed to the Sun and the powers and protection she had offered.  Warmth, love, fire, light…. life.  It gives us our life.  It still watches over mine.

Even seeing the embodiment of "faith" thrashed by that Creature of the Sky, The Sun still remained so not all is lost.  Whomever is still there and listening, I thank you and I will do my damnest not to fail you or those still remaining.

The Beast of Bones tells me the others are still alive… After all this time, I know the others bear the same curse.  Our time isn't over.  We still have more like to do.

What is broken will become whole as long as I'm still alive.



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