Gods Gone Wild

The Crush of Good

Even the Light casts a shadow

I have a purpose. It is simple. Violent. And needed.

I can not eliminate all evil in this world. I have found a simple, direct, and realistic goal.

I will eliminate these Knights from this world.

These Takeesis, they will be sent home, willingly or not.

I can not eliminate evil from this world. It can not be done completely, no matter how much I rail against it.

But this, I can do. This is in the realm of feasibility. This is something I can use to forge my resolve, to know I am working toward something, and to know that I have a single good act I can do.

I did not need the Gnome to tell me much of what he did, and true or not, I already knew one simple fact.

These Knights are an evil from a world not ours. My planar studies have taught me that much.

They will go home. Or die for being here. This is an evil I can fight. Therefore, I will.

May the Celestial planes grant me strength. I will likely have to take more drastic measures to survive.

But no matter.

I grow weary.




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