Gods Gone Wild

The Crush of Good

Even the Light casts a shadow

Day by day I suffer. Even my most basic, self-preserving actions are mocked.

That damned necromancer. If I did not constantly see evidence to the contrary…

No matter.

A dragon.. thing.. was freed from torment. Some good has been done. Something has been denied a force of good. I do not write this with distaste… I do not know what she is, nor do I care. She was not evil, and she was being tortured. I needed no more to know how to act. Fortunately, both of the Priests, that of the Unknown and the Traveller, charged with me. It is good to know others do not have fear. The blind one did his part as well, keeping the guardians busy, as did the necromancer…

It galls me to say it every time, but no matter what I think of his abilities, he does use them for good. I can not interfere. I serve good in all ways, no matter the means. No matter the law. No matter chaos.

As long as he does good, I can not harm him.

Bucky fell, but fortunately the other priest was able to bring him back. I am glad of that. He is valuable, honest, and true to good as best I can tell. I blacked out in the battle as well… So much… Even my incarnium-infused soul can not withstand a beating like that. I must find better ways to avoid damage. I may have to give up mobility to aquire a better way to dodge such attacks. Perhaps I will have to split the Chakra… It may be worth it. I must consider this. Of course, even if I wish it, when one taps the souls of others… I may not get what I wish.

The damned Dracolich… I never want to speak to him again. Perhaps I am serving his needs, but I am doing what I wish to. I am destroying Evil. I do not need his lectures again. I will overload my mind again if he tries to speak to me at length again, if I am still so incapable of assaulting him. The damned beast radiates evil on a level I can not fathom.

I suppose I must continue with my original goal. These Knights must be expelled from this world. Or, used to destroy a greater evil. I am not particularly opposed to it, even if I know I must eventually return to them.

One way or another…




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