Gods Gone Wild

The Crush of Good

Even the Light casts a shadow

I sleep.

And I dream. I see darkness, with flares of red. Streaming endlessly in a void.

Around me, I see a wall of Light fluctuating against the darkness.

Sometimes it forces out, then it is forced in. It seems to be closing in tighter around me.

Off in the distance, I can see another bubble. And another. And another. Tiny little islands of beings like me.

I roar. It is not a sound, it is simply a tearing, ripping emotion, slamming against the darkness. It seems to pulse out from me, and my own wall of Light pushes out a bit.

Then each of the others seem to hear me. Each of their bubbles grow slightly.

The echoing snarl of something dark comes, and we scream in unison in defiance.

And our bubbles are forced back to where they were.

I woke in a cold sweat.

The darkness comes.

I will continue to scream in defiance. Perhaps it is time to ask the souls unused for another soulspark. It could assist me, at least.

I will continue my defiance. The darkness must not be allowed to push in on us. We are hope. We are Light.




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