Gods Gone Wild

Necros Arcanum

What would you say the first thing you do when you see an Elder God, capital E capital G, rip its way into your world, pulling divine beings of what you once believed to be unmatched might? Open your third eye and witness mind destroying sights? Maybe not a normal person. But, I have not been normal since I was a child.

I was born in the fishing village along the Garnala Straight surrounding Farscliff Mage Academy. From the moment I could walk, I was train to gut fish, which grew into a hobby of analyzing anatomy for defects. Recognizing my mind would always surpass my body in strength, spoke with the academy headmaster, and got me a scholarship in trade for a constant supply of his favorite bivalve mollusk.

When asked, “What is the most important organ?”, most of my peers would say the brain, power of mind and magic and all that. men who live by the sword and shield would most likely go with the heart, muscle and blood. I say the stomach. Armies march on them, hearts can be won with them, and all the brains in this plane will not function without food.

To be continued.



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