Gods Gone Wild

Necros Arcanum

I did something today, something so very stupid, and yet, powerful. I tapped into the passing of a truly pure spirit, and made something that was then just beyond my skills. But no longer. Through the experience, I learned many things. Pain and light, freedom and bindings, creation and dispersal.

The insight came at a price. I opened myself to what I truly did not comprehend, and I was lost for a time. The memories between events come and go. I fear that I may not fully control my actions if I were to repeat my previous folly. But the exhilaration, honey sweet, I felt behind my eyes, these eyes that have seen wonders surpassing words and thought.

Noname’s follower was returned to the flesh, but his eyes, I saw in them knowledge, changed by sights outside this realm. I must speak with him on these trials. He may provide enlightenment I would not normally be privy to.

The luminescent imbecile continues to grate on my every nerve. He refuses to see even the simplest of reason, and any attempt to educate him is only met with a blank stare befitting a sponge. Although, I must admit, verbalizing his faults does ease my increasingly riotous mind.



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