Gods Gone Wild

Understanding the One

I have spent only a few days with these people, and already, I struggle to understand the compassion of my guide. Certainly, the fellow pious one would feel like I, only, he… The horror he committed is too terrible to write here. I know that they were doomed, their minds destroyed, but I still cannot help but feel their pains. I watched, as all I could do. As the final light drained from their spirits, I committed their souls to the One above. May in final rest they find everlasting peace and tranquility. We continued, and for all the suffering we caused, I know that we have prevented far worse. I am not sure I agree with the method of destroying the darkness we found, but it will suffice.

We stayed the night at the farmer’s home, though he was not there, I felt welcomed in his home. The night was peace-filled, and I dreamed of a future without the dark atrocities we faced now. The One put me at ease for the next day’s journey, and I do not know what to think after this afternoon’s error.

We followed a trail, guided by a new one, to a place with soldiers. We approached, and they fired upon us as we came too close with no hailing. I can fault neither our comrades nor those of the guardsmen. We were attacked, and we defended ourselves. We knocked them out, but then I felt we continued in error. By now, the towns-people began to flee to their homes. I thought to speak up, but I fell quiet. My voice failed me. My guide, Nonamé, he approached a woman adorned as a knight, she bore on her chest a symbol of a flower, I think one of our companions called it a Takeesis, for she was a Knight of that Order, though I know not of them. He began to talk to her when our, forgive my presumption, Angelic companion assaulted the woman. He claimed her to be truly vile evil, but I know not how he came to this conclusion. I trust his assessment at first, but when I saw they cry out for hold our deathblow, they withdrew from combat, all but the one adorned in a robe and vine crest, it seemed very knightly. Even the robed one ceased, after a word of scorn from his comrade.

I must record this, three orders they hold; this “Takeesis” Flower which appears to be the highest echelon of the order; formidable knights. I will call them the Vine Priest, which seem to be the religious and magical arm of this order. Finally, the Soldiers of the Skull, for their armor bore that symbol most prominently. They seem to be those of lesser combat prowess, but still trained, all the same.

Always in your Light,
Bucky Bruwshamier



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