Gods Gone Wild

Understanding the One

I feel like we’ve made progress. I took the time to look within myself and seek guidance from the One. I know that what we do, we do for the right reasons, even if we are not always doing the proper thing in the present. My newer companions, while rash and perhaps a bit too afflicted with the fervor of justice, have proven themselves. For now, we rest. We are continuing our long journey south, to find this one rare herb. Perhaps in finding the ones growing this medical malady, we can put a stop to the poisons spreading in the Kelendrek area.

One thing bothers me, I think. We met with some ‘old friends’ from before I knew my mentor. While many of the companions seem to be fine with talking to the gnome and half-elf bards, I think they’re up to something. They tell not all the truth. I don’t know, it’s an inkling and I do not fully understand it. Maybe I simply am un-trusting of the non-humans still? I need to rid myself of such prejudices if I do indeed show them.

I will not embarrass my mentor, nor the One whom we follow in such a dark place. May the One watch over us, may we find peace in the end, and may all know the blessings of his Truth.

Always in your Light,
Bucky Bruwshamier



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