Gods Gone Wild

Understanding the One

I was so cold, so very cold. I felt the light fading away from me. I was lost.

Moments before my demise I remember seeing the woman, chained, restrained. I could see her pain, and see her flesh crawling with torment. Born into servitude, forced into free thought, and then ultimately rebellion. She never lead the life she wanted, always for someone else. Always following some higher power, until it finally turned on her. The five colors of death blended with her skin. I had to save her, to free her, he spoke to me. Made me realize the path that must be taken, this was my test.

And I failed. The beast drew breath, and the five colors descended upon me. I resisted it, I tried to fight the cold chill of death. It was not meaningless, no – she vanished. The moment it’s attention was upon me, she cloaked herself somehow. I hoped it was enough. I died.

I was drifting, floating through the air, being pulled somewhere. I saw a being of such beautiful light. He held me fast, then I saw it. I cannot truly describe it, a mass of abominable devices, tortured souls of both man and god alike. It’s black-yellow gaze fell upon me, and I knew fear. I knew terror. I knew truth. I began to see as it sees, my gaze trapped in that sickening green-yellow eye. Then he stopped it. Stood between us. I heard the lash of the tentacles raping the back of the luminescent being. I saw the tears form, and then my name. I wanted to run to my voice, but I wanted to help the Light. He forbade me, and beg me go. So I did. I ran away, again.

I awoke to a circle of familiar friends. Comrades. Fools. Masters. Charlatans. and her. Perhaps I didn’t fail after all. I will not risk it again. I will become stronger, and follow the path of the Light.

Always in your Light,
Bucky Bruwshamier



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