• Farnsworth Orpheous

    Farnsworth Orpheous

    Custom Conjurer/Necromancer with Skeletal companion who scoffs at The Powers That Be
  • Mortimore


    The nicest Bugbear skeleton you ever did see.
  • Rithwald Glenshire

    Rithwald Glenshire

    Prince of Glenshire - Turned Tiefling by Usidella.
  • Ryan


    Hyper-paranoid Incarnate of Good in a broken world
  • Bucky Bruwshamier

    Bucky Bruwshamier

    Follower of 'the god', and now co-hort of Noname Blanksheet.
  • Corissa Dawnblade

    Corissa Dawnblade

    She is a caster of the Sun - surrounded by Light and Fire.
  • Janine Atherin

    Janine Atherin

    A co-leader of Gonthel, Janine has become the 'mother' to the small hamlet, but she has her own powers.
  • Mark Atherin

    Mark Atherin

    Mark is co-leader of the hamlet Gonthel. He is a master of concealment and wears ten bandoleers of blades about his body.