Corissa Dawnblade

She is a caster of the Sun - surrounded by Light and Fire.


Seven seals were created each representing some element or aspect of the forces holding this plane together – life, magic, death, fire, air, earth and water.  They were believed to be created by great archmages and powerful druids to protect the domain. These seals were barriers to ward off evil and are blessed with the strength of gods.  They were fought over and separated into the far reaches of the land by potent beasts into underground dungeons one more powerful than the next.  These powerful relics would drive away undead and banish demons… or at least all this as the Bards’ tales go.

Truth of the matter is that these seal were each created by village protectors of some natural magic, nothing incredible or godlike, in times of balance as a precaution and symbol of leadership.  So they were made just in case evil spirits would attempt to disturb the village.  They were mere hematite stone seals with symbols of their elemental carefully carved into them.  Rumors were invented to make them so incredible that these trinkets seem unreal and merely legends…  These seals were held by the strongest of this hidden prosperous village whose name time has long since forgotten.  Traditionally every time there is a new leader, he or she would have a night of meditation that would in some way (whether they realize it or not) leave a small trace of magic within the seal.  The knowledge of what the seals’ potential and usage is long forgotten much like the village and the original families.

Over time and generations, the villagers migrated to settle with new homes with new friends and allies within the now hamlets and even citadels that exist today.  The smaller hamlets that know the more realistic stories continue the façade and use the seals as their symbol of leadership.  The more settled and larger populated areas where the more wild rumors and legends live may be home to a small sect or families that have a seal for the head of the household or group (or possibly cult).  The one tradition with this seals that never died was the traditional single night of meditation the night a new leader was named.

 [OOC Note: This magic is minute.  It may glow from detect magic possibly but even now with years past it’s more of an RP item unless you want to do anything else with them.  Toy with that and wherever you want the “families”, possibly cults, etc.  Surprises and changes are fun!]

This story now turns to a semi-secluded hamlet to the far south of the Domain Lord’s citadel.   There ways were simple but diverse for such a small population.  The main sources of wealth and what the village was known for were their bountiful fruit trees and breeding/rearing of beasts of burden (more specifically horses).  Magic is common much like the rest of the kingdom though necromancy was not used as frequently as most.  The ways of natural magic were taught by the three druids of the hamlet and the chief who was a once a competent sorcerer of the light.  As more hostile undead were appearing and randomly attacking, the people here were pushing to use less necromancy and find ways of better protecting themselves; only one elderly elven wizard named Erica Norton practiced necromancy here and she practiced in a way to give more understanding of death and its effect on nature.  Her skeletal companion which came from the remains of her late husband, Edwin, was the only undead not killed on sight especially after the lose of the chief’s only young son in an attack.

And this hamlet recently declared a new chief.  The old chief had retired due to his age and frailty and proclaimed a test of power to take the seat since he was without an heir.  The winner was Corissa Dawnblade – a young human woman of innate powers gifted from the Sun.  She had shown power of flames and healing with a strong personality and positive outlook.  Corissa was given the Seal of Life and the title of chief as her rewards.  She was congratulated by the members of the hamlet and all participants over a small feast of harvested fruits and a roast boar provided by the second and third strongest of the village who were also long-time friends – a female half-elf druid named Miranda Fireblossom and a human ranger named Alexander Clearwell.

As chief of this village, Corissa had the ability to choose whomever she wished for marriage.   And she may propose whenever she wished publicly.  The feast seemed like just the time for it too and she knew whom she wanted to propose to.  Corissa stood upon her bench at the table and took Miranda by the hand and announced that she chose Miranda for her wife and placed a simple gold band on the druid’s finger.  Miranda blushed and was speechless other than accepting while smiling brightly.  The crowd clapped and cheered but there was still an air of shock and surprise to have a lesbian couple leading the village.  After the feasting, Corissa prepared for the night meditation at the chief’s sanctuary hut with the altar for the seal.  The night remained cool and calm as the meditation ritual completed the appointing of the new leader.

The next morning Corissa was approached by her parents who were mildly displeased with her marriage decision as she is an only child.  Corissa strongly asked them to leave her be and she will do as she deems necessary with the person whom she loved.  After their departure, Miranda and Alex came to her home and discussed marriage arrangements.  During the discussions, the talk of having no heir to the Seal of Life came about.  There was no secret that Corissa, Miranda and Alex had been close and loyal friends since Corissa and Alex were small children (Miranda being young for a half-elf much older than Corissa or Alex).  Corissa and Miranda had always had the stronger feelings towards each other but Alex was always there and there was feelings among them all.  He admitted he’d have asked Corissa and Miranda had he been chosen as leader.  There was silence while she thought about it but then Corissa asked for something that the three approved of.  Corissa asked Alex to marry her as well so he could father their children under the condition he married her and Miranda both.  So when the more detailed plans for the wedding were announced, the addition of ranger to the Dawnblade household was announced.  It wasn’t too uncommon to have a male head of household to have two wives, but it was a rarity for one of the wives to be head of the household (let alone the whole village).  However, this at least satisfied Corissa’s parents’ concern of not having grandchildren despite still not being happy with her first choice.

The undead attacks were being more and more a problem in their region but the three held the hamlet’s confidence and morale together as best they could.  However during one recent attack, the necromancer responsible for the hostile undead shown him/herself.  He could see the ranger, druid and sorcerer leading the defense and that the two women were strong with fire and positive energy while the ranger knew the undead constructs weak points.  Fatiguing himself, the necromancer used all he had to attempt to bring this team down.  Slowly the horde of skeletons and a few zombies weakened the crew and things were looking bleak.  Alex, Miranda and Corissa were all rather tapped and exhausted.  One massive zombie managed to break the line and reached Miranda and knocked her unconscious.  Corissa tried her best to run for her wife with her own body bruised and bleeding.  Alex was fending off two skeletons attempting to chew his arms.  The necromancer waded through the crowd and instructed the larger zombie to take the druid with them before retreating back into the mist.  Corissa used all she had left to clear her way into the mist scorching the already worn out skeletons to dusty piles of inanimate bones or forcing them to collapse from positive cleansing.  Alex ripped one skeleton off his arm leaving the gasp scrape wounds behind and bashing open the skull of the other with its own boney ally.  He looked quickly to see the terrible scene on the field… a few livestock had been slaughtered in the rampage, two fighters were dead, many wounded, and Corissa kneeing alone at the edge of where the mist once was.  She just stared blankly in awe with a few tears gently rolling down her face.  Alex helped her up and looked at her sadly and whispered, “You’re going after her, aren’t you?”  Corissa whispered back, “I have to… please… watch these people.  They’ll need you…”

Corissa Dawnblade

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