Gods Gone Wild

Memory of Bones

They finally arrived. Well, most of them. Janine met with them, but she did not see me. I think Mark knows that I watch them still. I remember it still, the new ones, and the old ones that returned. Some became well known, some forgotten in a dark place. Their necromancer’s power was stronger now, still nothing compared to my full strength, but in my current state, a worthy adversary. The holy warrior brought a traveling companion or two. One of his kind, and one of another, both priests, I think. I had hoped to see the radiant one, but she did not show, perhaps finally finding her lost love has had her, pre-occupied. Tiefling, the most cursed of them, I think he shall soon find his truer origins. Finally, the divine creatures become involved, the incarnate of good arrived.

I had told Janine of “my farm” coming under attack closer to the deadlands of Kelemchek, she relied my tale to the new and old alike. As I knew they would, they began the return to where it all once began. My hope is that they find what I know is there, that they question it. That they push back into the heart of darkness.

Once the others arrive, I will find a tale to bring them together. I do not know which one holds the key, but surely it must be one of them.

Character Journals
What will you devote to memory alone, and what will you scribe for eternity.

This section is for the players to use as “journals” for their characters after each session. They can be as simple as the private thoughts about other player characters in the campaign, or a place to scrawl notes about the recent clues.


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